We appreciate your interest...our 2017 lamb crop is sold out.

How to buy our spring lambs

This page has been created to help you get started buying lambs form Hidden Meadow Farm. Please take the time to book mark this page and stop back regularly, as it will be updated as the season progresses here on the farm. Once most of our lambs are born, we will have a more accurate count, description, and idea of how many lambs will be for sale this year.

Commercial Ewe Lambs For Sale

Our 2016 spring lambs are looking real nice. This year we have a good diversity of colors being born along with our more traditional white Katahdins. Weight gains have been good with the primary feed being our abundant legume/grass mix haylage. We are seeing a big increase due to the improved grasses for the sheep. The ewes have maintained their form through their gestation, while producing the highest birth count to date. With the right genetics, care, and feeding these animals perform real well on a forage diet of mixed grasses and legumes. To learn more, please visit our Forage Program web page.

 A good variety of top quality spring lambs

There is a nice selection of lambs to choose from in both the commercial and foundation flocks offspring. Our entire flock is DNA tested for Scrapie resistance. ThOur genetics program is carefully enhanced each year to produce the best Katahdins possible. To learn more, please visit our Flock Management web page.

How to buy our lambs. . .

The Hidden Meadow Farm basic information request form for our 2016 lambs is now online. This request form allows you to specify what you are looking for in your lamb purchase. You may also send us an e-mail or call our business number. We would be glad to discuss the available options. Due to limited availability, our lambs are sold on a first come first serve basis. After receiving the filled out form from you, we will contact you regarding pricing and availability.

Are you able to deliver lambs?

That is a good question, typically we make deliveries south on Interstate 95 with our custom built lamb hauler. Our normal route takes us as far as Boston, but depending on the quantity of lambs purchased, special arrangements can be made in advance. The per animal fee is usually very economical versus traveling round trip to pick up several animals here on our farm. If you are interested, please specify that you would like delivery pricing per animal in your information request form submission or email.

When do I need to contact you by?

Each of our lambs is unique, so if you are looking for something in particular. . .then you want to contact us as soon as possible. The sooner we know what you are looking for in your lamb purchase, the better we will be able to ensure that you are able to get the animal of your first choice.

What about pricing and availability?

Since we sell a diverse offering of Katahdin lambs each year, our pricing varies depending whether it is a fall meat lamb, commercial lamb, DNA tested, foundation breeding stock, etc. Also, the pricing depends on weight and the time they are here with us on the farm. Generally speaking, we charge the minimum fees for starter feed, salt, minerals, medical testing, veterinary exams for out-of-state authorizations, delivery, and other expenses incurred at the buyers request. Our commercial lambs base price generally starts at $250 and goes up to $350.  While our foundation breeding stock ewe and ram lamb price starts at $300 and goes up to $500. Only a small percentage of top performing ram lambs are sold for breeding stock each year. Top two percent lamb crop performers sell at higher prices on an individual bases. Please take the time to write us concerning what you are looking for in your Katahdin lamb(s) and we will give you a quote via e-mail.

Our lambs are sold when they reach sufficient weight and maturity to be weaned off their mothers. Since each animal is unique, they are born at different times and weigh differing amounts; it is not possible for us to give an exact date that your chosen lamb will be ready. However, in general our lambs start leaving the farm in mid June depending on the weather and forage conditions.

Fall freezer lambs

We sell freezer lambs in late summer to early fall. You can arrange to pick up the animal of your choice here on the farm, or it can be delivered for a small fee depending on the distance. Each lamb is grass fed on the highest quality forage to yield optimum growth in our lush meadows.

Midwest Katahdins for sale

If you need Katahdin lambs in the Midwest, feel free to contact us and we will help you find good quality stock in that area. Our family maintains around four hundred Katahdin Hair Sheep between our farms in Missouri and Maine. Commercial sales of larger quantities are available at times.

Contact us to check availability of our quality lamb meats. . .

Visit our Registered Katahdin ewes for sale page here. . .


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Early spring lamb crop

We give each animal attention, individual care, and provide them with the best start possible!