Spring Katahdin lambing news

March 18, 2013 - Hidden Meadow Farm

A lot of improvements in the new barn layout have made caring for the sheep a lot easier this year. The layout was changed to accommodate more animals. In addition, we no longer need to move through pens to get around. There are sixteen jug pens in service and three large holding pens for different groups.

Heat lamps are sometimes used when the temperature dips sub zero at night. The barn is designed for maximum ventilation at the roof, so there is basically no retained heat or humidity inside. This allows us to keep everyone nice and dry, with plenty of fresh air, but without cold drafts at lambing time.

Our office provides us with a warm place to be on the cold nights. In addition, it is fully stocked with everything needed to care for the many new arrivals over a three week period.

March 19, 2013 - The lambs have started to arrive!

The first arrivals are beautiful!!! Bridgette gave birth to a lovely set of twins late this afternoon. With a powerful snow storm raging outside, we are expecting more till the storm blows itself out. We got the barn office ready for twenty-four shifts. This evening four of us worked caring for the animals.

Our family was impatiently waiting for the first arrivals. With winter still maintaining an icy grip this time of the year in Northern Maine, we have to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Thankfully our sheep don't mind the cold. Every effort is made to help the new arrivals get dried off and warmed up. Their mothers do a great job of cleaning them up and caring for them.

Each lamb gets a name and with it, a lot of love. The children see to it that each one gets all the attention and care needed. They are carefully weighed, ear tagged, and all the details of their birth are charted on the computer. Visit our 'Getting Started With Katahdin Lambs' page for additional information.

Annabelle With Twin

Annabelle with her tiny twins

March 21, 2013 - Six sets of healthy twins to date.

There are twelve new, lovely little lambs born to six ewes. Actually, several of them are not so little. One mother gave birth to two baby boys, the first weighing thirteen pounds and the second weighing over ten pounds. Wow! That was a lot of lamb inside of one ewe.

Mothers Love For Her Daughter

Baby getting her first bath

March 22, 2013 - Three sets of twins today.

Four new, very curious little creatures arrived this morning and two more a little before midnight. All are healthy and doing real well. It is amazing to see them get up a few minutes after birth!

Taking a nap

Taking a little, lamb nap...

March 25, 2013 - It was a busy weekend in the barn

We have had thirty lambs born in six days. The weekend was really busy for us... so there was no time to update this page. There has been two singles so far, the rest have been twins. We are real happy for that, and hope it continues. Everyone has been healthy as well. So far so good...

Pretty black mother with her white and black lambs

Beautiful black Katahdin mother with her babies...

The big boy lambs

These two weighed over twenty-three pounds together at birth

Little ewe lamb

Sweet, little ewe lamb

Lamb play pen

The mixing pen is active

April 2, 2013 - Many new Katahdin twin lambs born

The last week has brought a constant stream of new arrivals. Sorry for the long delay in updating this page. We have been averaging a couple of hours of sleep a night. Taking care of so many moms and their babies is a lot of work! So far things have been going real well. We have had almost all twins to date. There are around sixty-five lambs so far...we even got a beautiful set of all black twins.

Mother outside wither baby

April 6, 2013 - There are now seventy-five lambs

The lambs are coming in a little slower now. Thankfully...we needed a break! They are all growing nicely, with the larger ones approaching thirty pounds. Our request form is now available online.


April 12, 2013 - Little by little they keep arriving...

We have been blessed with around eighty-two lambs so far this year with more on the way. The weather is getting nicer each day, which is a big help with so many sheep around the farm!

Black ewe with her twins

Lambs at water fountain

This will be the last update for our spring lambing page. The For Sale page will be updated as the year progresses. We appreciate your interest in our Katahdin flock. Feel free to contact us...


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Our Barn and Animals

We are enjoying working in the relative comfort of the barn on these cold, snowy days.